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A prince without a castle
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3rd-Dec-2009 09:10 pm - DISNEYLAND!
I'm craving a lil Disney adventure anyone else? We should do a dress up day xD! Anyone plan on going to the World of Disney store early Saturday :)? Lol not much of a post today I'm too sleepy -_-!
2nd-Dec-2009 04:00 pm - Pledge Handmade 2009
So Christmas is soon coming, i know i know 24 days is still kinda far but honestly it'll go by pretty quickly. This Christmas I've decided to make my gifts for a few reasons, 1 I'm pretty broke after my apartment payment, 2 I like the fact of giving someone something unique that they can't buy at just any store, 3 it makes me feel happy making things. Gifts don't have to be expensive to be memorable in my opinion some of the best gifts I've received have been handmade and I cherish them more then anything that you could buy in any store. Anyways enough with the babbling.

So I've been thinking of what to make and I've come up with an idea I really like (I think it's super cute) it mixes my love for illustration with my love of crafting so that's pretty much all I can say right now without spoiling the surprise. I need to order some supplies but I can't till I get my next paycheck >=( in the meantime though I'll be working on some illustrations :)! I really wish I could share them with you guys but that would defeat the Christmas surprise so I guess no pictures until after Christmas :(!
30th-Nov-2009 02:40 pm - Oh Christmas...
I love Christmas :)! It's one of my favorite holidays (I bet its because of all the sweets and gifts lol but seriously I love spending time with the people I most care about). The only issue this year is money blah -_- stupid school loans and apartment payments are such a pain... oh well maybe I can make things for people? hmm...

Well I'm really tired today from the holiday weekend (which was amazingly fun) so I figured I'd post a few things I want for Christmas but probably won't get lol (pictures are easier to post then coming up with something to write).

y-clown coordinate by me :-D - Honestly when I first saw these pieces I was like OMG... a lil puzzled but then it honestly grew on me and now I can't stop thinking about them so I photoshoped this lil outfit together lol. I know it may seem like a lot of black but the Maria soiree blouse is a light sheer material from what I can tell in the picture so it contrats the heavy velveteen. In my head this outfit looks great but I bet if I tried it on I probably wouldn't love it so much lol... this happens way too often but I'd still give it a shot.

Gotta love me some Gothy Vampire clothing lol. To be honest the vest is still a lil Hot Topic Goth to me but it is growing on me ever so slightly. I totally love the knickers though who couldn't love something that looks so soft lol. I already own that blouse (which I still haven't worn...) so only 2 items from here

Oh this lovely vest has the best name The Castle of Nightmare
I'm loving the Ivory and black Color but for some reason the red one doesn't attract me as much I'm wondering if it's going to me red red or a wine color? I'm all up for it if its more wine :)!

This little jumpsuit has my name on it lol... super simple but seems like something I'd totally wear just about any weekend when I'm not at work lol. Sometimes simplicity can be a good thing.

Lastly the beautiful Circus Vest I've been drooling over ever since it came out. I love the print and I love these colors lol maybe one day I'll get one although I'm not sure what to wear it with... maybe something cutesy (this is definettly on the lighter colors on my Christmas list lol you would swear I was some goth kid by looking at my other items)

Anyways that's it for today you guys! Hope you enjoyed looking at products xD!!
19th-Nov-2009 02:52 pm - Kaya is Love
Well I'm really blue today :(... I was suppose to go to AnimeUSA in Virgina but do to financial issues I won't be attending -_-... although the only reason I was going to head that far for a convention was to see Kaya who happens to be one of my favorite singers *_*. Anyways... my two good friends are going to interview Kaya, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?! Oh I'm so envious of them but also really happy for them :)! So instead of sulking about not going much longer I wanted to post what I made for Kaya lol (my friend will be giving him the gift for me :)! ). So seeing how I've been so crazy about bats lately I decided to give him my first ever bat necklace!

I tried to keep it a little masculine without the pearls lol but it's still a lil girly xD like him. My only issue with it was the combination of glitters I used... they turned the black bat sorta blueish violet with silver specks and orangey sparkles I dunno interesting to say the least I suppose :-p. Oh! I also included the a bat ring so he could have a set lol if he wanted to wear it that is... you never know with celebs xD.

Anyways I also included 2 things I had previously made

Ribbon Holic mini hat

and the crystal crown I made.
We wrapped them up nicely and included a business card and a purkiura picture of Brian and I lol... total dorks we wrote We <3 You Kaya! 83 total fanboy eww.... lol

that's the way we sent the gifts although the crown had to go in a separate bag since it didn't fit in the box :(! I hope the crown arrives safely it's really fragile so I'm kinda scared it'll arrive missing lots of the crystals o_o! Well anyways I hope Kaya likes the gifts and maybe even wear one of them *_*. I hope my friend brings me back a poster 8D!
18th-Nov-2009 02:30 pm - doodle time
So I'm always thinking and sometimes it's really annoying lol but I figured I'll post this up seeing I might actually make this sometime (haven't even finished the bats and already thinking of new accessories =_=).
I call this one Princess Flower- how un-original but bear with me guys I just threw this together so the name will probably be chaning (I hope xD)

I was inspired by one of APs newest floral necklace designs which is OMG so pretty *_* it seems like lately I can't get enough of AP jewelry (i dunno why I guess plastic and glitter pulls on my heart strings lol). So anyways I can already see this design in my head and let me tell you it's pretty although it may not translate as well in real life lol... we'll see you know me I'll stay on it till I make it work (well sometimes).
I was thinking of making the flower out of glittery plastic one opaque and the top portion of it translucent with a crystal in the center, then the chain around it would be made out of pearls with haning chains and a little crystal (what a mouth full). Part of me realy likes this design but the other part wonders if flower motif is too common... maybe I should stick with things that aren't as common like animals since you can't really find them in a forever21 so easily? Hmm... we'll see it's just a doodle anyways.
18th-Nov-2009 10:14 am - Pinky
*so sorry for the endless posts about bats lately but I'm just in a batty mood lol*

So this morning I woke up and remembered I wanted to try something out.

A pink bat! I'm actually pretty pleased with this lil guy although I want to try a different glitter...my other slight problem with it is since it's translucent you can see the ring base under it ;__; so I'm not sure what to do there although it's not too noticeable once you put it on. This one was totally made for experimentation but I really like it :-p it matches my AP pink and yellow star socks so I'm thinking a coordinate post is coming up soon :-p! So what do you guys think? Are you feeling Pinky?
In other news I'm thinking of making a sub-brand within Scarlet Antidote for the cuter things I make... something about the name Scarlet Antidote doesn't read sweet to me lol it really seems more aristocratic (which I still love but I'm leaning more towards the cute things lately). My dilema is I'm not sure what to call it... oh well I'll think of something :-p!

BTW- Thanks for everyones nice comments about my craftiness lately :-p! It really means a lot to me. <3
17th-Nov-2009 03:35 pm - Starry Bats
So I was doodling today and I drew a lil sketch of my Starry Bats and maybe some future items I may make with them :3! I'm not a very good artist but I try to draw so please don't be too critical about this sketch lol...

I had a limited supply of markers at my work desk and a blue pen - Rose Art pink, Highlighter Blue, Highlighter Yellow lol
I think it would be fun to make an accessories collection ^_^ although I'm not sure anyone would buy my stuff... I always get so nervous selling my things... maybe it's because I don't think my stuff is good enough... I dunno maybe I should stop comparing my handmade items to manufactured goods... lol I'm a dork
16th-Nov-2009 11:51 pm - crafty Monday
So after making the bat clips for Bats & Cats I realized quiet a lot of people like the bat motif but sadly there isn't too much cute bat jewelry out there ;_;. So I've decided to take it upon myself to create my own jewelry lol. I wasn't totally pleased with the bats I had made mainly because they weren't glazed with something to keep the glitter from scratching off over time (although they've held up very well and still no sign of glitter chipping). Today I experimented with a couple different methods and found one I think works pretty well :). I made a bat ring and you guys get first peek at the prototype.

I'm pretty pleased so far but there are a few things I need to fix... first off the glaze didn't cover all the edges entirely well so I'll have to make sure it does the next time I make one (you can't tell in the picture too much and not too badly in person ether but I'm a perfectionist). Second thing is the paint I used kind of smudged on the stars and glitter a little while glazing... not entirely a bad thing but hopefully I can fix that if not well it'll have to stay that way (the paint on the glitter actually adds an interesting dark glitter effect I think). I added swarovski crystals for the eyes and a lil dangling gold star (I think it adds another cute lil touch to it). So that's it you guys the first prototype starry bat ring :).
More bat jewelry to come :3.

What do you think :) any suggestions on other bat jewelry I should make?

*edit* forgot to throw in a purikura picture we took yesterday lol (finally found my usb cord so I'll be posting pics soon!)

lol enjoy!
13th-Nov-2009 10:31 am - Bats!!!
Well since I didn't really have much time to make something to wear for today's Hello Kitty bats & cats party I decided to make some hair accessories. As some of you may know I love accessories so whenever I can I love to make something. I was inspired by AP's Tricky Night so I decided to make some bats but put my own spin on them. I made small glittery bat hair clips <3


Lol I'm so corny but there you have it folks, glitter bats! Lets hope they look good with my outfit tonight. OH! that reminds me I'm debating on a black outfit with a little pink thrown in or a more gothic looking outfit... I'm kinda leaning towards the gothic outfit but I'm not sure. Brian likes the cuter one because it reminds him of kuromi (color wise I guess) but the other one seems more ornate and besides that I get to wear my new blouse :-D! hmmm... what to wear ._.?
12th-Nov-2009 12:27 pm - GOTH PARTY xD!
So my friend told me about this Hello Kitty event thing thats been going on for a while (I'm sure all of you know of it by now but if not well here ya go). Apparently there have been a few events at Royal-T revolving around Hello Kitty and tomorrow is the Bats & Cats party (goth theme). I totally want to go this event but sadly Brian is working and going by myself just doesn't seem as fun... I asked my best friend to go but lately he's been a lil flakey about things... so most likely he won't make it. So anyways, if any of you guys are going let me know :3!!! Supposibly there's a contest for the best dressed and best dressed group :O!!!!!! How fun is that? I bet I wouldn't win but its fun thinking of something to wear. Time to bring out my Opera mille-feuille blouse I got for my bday :-D (finally a place to wear it to lol)! Lets be Goth together xD!
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